The importance of roots

People who have style know how to behave in any situation.
They are the master of bon ton,
which is attention to oneself and to one’s fellows,
never intrusive, always present.
Refined because it is not for everyone.
Refined because it does not belong to everyone.
Refined because many would like to have it,
but few possess it.
Bon ton can’t be improvised.
It is part of our own self.
Its roots lie in our history,
its reason in our being, our way of communicating,
our relationship with people
and things…
Bon ton is a way of approaching life;
discrete elegance,
elegant discretion,
refined attention towards one’s self and others.
Bon ton does not want to impose itself,
but to be noticed.
That is the difference between those who are elegant
and those who would like to be elegant.