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The Ascione Museum hosts the great anthological exhibition
dedicated to an amazing artist and creator of beauty

The anthological exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Ascione at the Ascione Museum in Naples represents a fascinating exploration of the creativity and work of this original artist.

Over one hundred jewels, sculptures, furnishings, projects and drawings reconstruct the facets of a singular personality, reviving the emotions and suggestions of the 20th century.

It is a journey that traces the history of artistic design from deco to contemporary style in a human and creative story that blends sophistication, culture and style.

Curated by his daughter Caterina Ascione, the exhibition offers a complete overview of Giovanni Ascione’s work, starting from his early years of training up to the 1980s.

A very accurate research has allowed us to recover sketches, sketches and projects that testify to the artist’s precocious and prolific creative path.

Visits to the Ascione Museum and the exhibition are by reservation and guided, with a maximum of 25 people per group, four daily visits available at the following times lasting approximately 1 hour: Monday at  5.00 pm from Tuesday to Saturday at 11 00 am, 12:00 am, 4:00 pm, 5:00 pm.

Info and reservations tel and wapp +39 081

This temporary exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Giovanni Ascione’s artistic universe and admire his extraordinary work.


Casa Ascione
Napoli – Piazzetta Matilde Serao 19 – Angiporto Galleria Umberto I

Mostra e catalogo a cura di _ Caterina Ascione
Art director _ Benedetto Longobardi Ruju
Fotografia _ Luigi Di Maggio
Progetto allestimento _ Paola Ascione
Coordinamento _ Giuseppe Ascione
Allestimento _ Leonardo SRL
Ufficio stampa e comunicazione _ Michelangelo Comunicazione di M. Iossa

Giovanni Ascione, born in 1915 in Torre del Greco near Naples, entered his family’s renowned business, “Giov. Ascione e Figlio,” at the age of twenty. This company, established in 1855, specialized in the production and sale of coral and cameo artifacts, typical of the industrious town at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.

After pursuing classical and artistic studies at the Benedectine College of Montecassino and the Royal School of Engraving in Torre del Greco, Ascione furthered his education in commerce and languages in Switzerland at Maria Hilf College in Schwitz.

Upon his return to Italy around 1935, Giovanni Ascione brought his artistic sensibility and knowledge to the established family business. His works can be found in various locations in Italy and abroad, ranging from Casa Ascione Museum in Naples and the historic manufacture in Torre del Greco to the Vatican, Pompeii Sanctuary Museum, Malta, Ohio, Montecassino Museum, Naples Cathedral crypt, Otranto, Noto, Pozzuoli, Verona, and Cleveland in the United States.

Autoscatto - Giovanni ascione 1932